Key Information

  • Mt. Gallant Elementary School

    Renovations and Additions

    Building Size: 67,057 SF

    Capacity: 667 Students

    Year Built: 1978, 1981, 1990

Scope of Work

  • - Flooring, Painting, Ceilings, Ventilation, HVAC, Lighting, Doors and Hardware upgrades and replacements, Plumbing system and fixtures replacements in classrooms and faculty bathrooms.

    - Replace Casework and Millwork.

    - Renovate and expand Special Needs spaces internally.

    - New addition to expand Multipurpose room.

    - Add fire access road extension.

    - Replace exterior weather-stripping.

    - Install key card access hardware.

    - Fire suppression system.

    - Roofing replacements based on life cycle.

    - Replace and refurbish paving.

    - Replace cooler and freezer.

    - Replace hood.

    - Replace water coolers.

    - Replace windows and exterior caulking.

Estimated Total

  • $3,742,205

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