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    Immersion Programs

    Rock Hill School currently has either French immersion or Spanish immersion programs embedded into three elementary schools: Ebinport Elementary, Richmond Drive Elementary, and Rosewood Elementary. These programs provide half-day instruction for math and science in the world language and half-day instruction for other subjects in English.


    Middle School

    All Rock Hill Schools middle schools offer a world language program in either Spanish, French, or Chinese. Programs differ widely in instructional time. Research shows that daily instruction is most effective for students to reach targeted proficieny levels. The Rock Hill Schools World Language curriculum is performance- and proficiency-based, designed to build learners' communication skills and intercultural competencies. The Middle School World Language curriculum intentionally supports and strengthens the following:

    • Literacy skills, such as speech sounds, print awareness, reading development, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension
    • Cognitive skills, such as problem solving, memory, flexibility, and sequencing
    • Interdisciplinary content, such as healthy lifestyles, world geography, climate, environmental science, and the arts
    • Cultural competence through knowledge of and interaction with cultural products, pratices, and perspectives


    High School

    High school world language programs offer classes that range from beginning level I to Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate (IB). These classes may be available in one or more of the following languages: Chinese, French, and Spanish. 

    The Rock Hill School District's world language curriculumis performance- and proficiency-based and is designed to develop learners’ communication skills and intercultural competencies to engage in our local and global environments. These skills and competencies prepare students to interact with people in our nation and around the world as well as interpret and use information from global sources.



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