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    The Rock Hill School District believes that a properly managed energy conservation program will allow utility costs to be avoided which can be re-directed for improving student achievement. A formal energy conservation management program will also set standards for building systems operation which will eliminate utility waste, increase efficiency and enhance the quality of the learning environment.

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  • CY 2017 Energy Report at the RHSD School Board of Trustees work session meeting on 6/11/2018

    Posted by Kim Melander on 6/12/2018

    On 6/11/2018, we reported to the School Board and District leadership on the energy perormance of Rock Hill Schools for CY2017.


    Presentation slides are here.

    Video of the meeting including the presentation is here.


    Chairman Vining asked about the status of our Energy Star building certification program. More detailed information about this program is provided below:

    Applied Technology Center received an Energy Star Certification on 10/19/2017.

    Northwestern High School received an Energy Star Certification on 10/24/2017.

    The Language Immersion School project at Sulliva Middle School received a "Designed to Earn Energy Star" designation on 11/17/2017.


    We have added 5 buildings to the our Energy Star master list. Updated results and goals are here.


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  • IES Solar Project Update

    Posted by Kim Melander on 2/26/2018

    I did a quick energy analysis on Independence's electrical consumption for the month of February this year compared to last year and here is what I have discovered:

    2/2017 - 20,427 kWh consumed. Cost was roughly $2,043.00 at $0.10/kWh.

    2/2018 - 14,619 kWh consumed and 13,156 kWh produced. Net = 1,463 kWh consumed! Cost is roughly $146.00 at $0.10/kWh.

    What is significant about this? The school generated 93% of the power it consumed and saved roughly $1,900. We will need to verify these figures with our billing data. 


    Rock Hill Schools received a nice rebate check from Duke Energy last week. Our total project cost is about $219k, thanks to this $281k rebate!

    Duke Energy Rebate Check


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  • Independence ES Solar is On-Line!

    Posted by Kim Melander on 1/25/2018

    The IES rooftop PV solar system is up and running at full production capability. It's great to finally see the building electrical demand drop into the negative values during sunny days. You can see a video of the installation at


    IES Electrical Demand Baseline Comparison

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