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    Who We Are

    The District Attendance Office is part of Rock Hill Schools Department of Student and Program Support Services. School achievement begins with regular attendance. As early as preschool and kindergarten, students attending school regularly can achieve more academically, build relationships, and thrive. Students who do not attend school regularly are less likely to read proficiently by third grade. By middle and high school, excessive absences are a leading warning sign that a student may drop out of school.

    We serve and support all schools and students in preschool through twelfth grade to maintain first-rate attendance which raises the academic performance of each student. Regular school attendance is an essential part of a student's learning process and a necessary means to graduate with a good education.

    All our schools and staff are committed to providing needed help, support, and resources for students and families experiencing difficulties or barriers to ensure students are in school each day. Refer to Attendance Team Staff -and Attendance Clerks- Listing by School for your school’s contact information.

    In South Carolina, all children are mandated by Law to attend school beginning in kindergarten at age five (5) and until their 17th birthday. Parents are responsible to ensure regular attendance for their child. Refer to SC Compulsory Attendance Laws and SC Board of Education Regulations.

    Please view other printable, helpful, support documents provided. Rock Hill School District Attendance Guidelines for Elementary Middle and High Schools; Parent and School Resources Elementary; Parent and School Resources Middle and High.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact the District Attendance Office by calling 803-981-1077 or reach out to your school.

    Attendance Fact: If a student misses one day, every two weeks, this is a month of school by the end of the school year. 


    What We Do

    • Engage students and families to make school attendance a top priority.
    • Implementation of South Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law.
    • Serve students and their families and respond to the needs of the "whole child" to ensure regular school attendance and being on time each day.
    • Support schools and work with community agencies for barriers that keep students from attending class.
    • Provide personalized early outreach with Attendance Support Teams for all our schools.
    • Building Student Achievement with the habit of regular school attendance.
    • We are committed to supporting students and families by providing personalized early outreach to remove any barriers for students and families to improve student attendance.



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    Sally W. Wilson, M.Ed.
    Rock Hill Schools - District Attendance Coordinator



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    Susan Murphy
    Rock Hill Schools - Attendance Supervisor

    Phone:  (803) 981-1077