Mental Health Department

  • Rock Hill Schools established a Department of Mental Health led by Dr. Nancy Turner in the 2021-22 school year. The goal of the Mental Health Department is to bring mental health resources together to serve our students, staff, and community.

    One of the services for our students is the site-based Mental Health therapy available in each Rock Hill School. 

    The Mental Health Resource Hotline is available to the community of Rock Hill .  The Hotline phone number is:  803- 324-7464. 

    A new community resource is the Parent Academy bringing experts to assist our community as we navigate the pandemic, a wellness section to offer movement such as jazzercise and yoga as well as a table talk section for discussions with professionals in areas of mental health. The Parent Academy is provided free to the Rock Hill Community, live stream on the district's Facebook and/or YouTube. 

    The primary focus of the Department of Mental Health is to address our families’ needs in a way that is easily accessible at no cost to our community.

  • Dr. Nancy Turner

    Dr. Nancy Turner
    Director of Mental Health

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