• Our Mission

    To eliminate or alleviate health barriers that interfere with a student's ability to learn and to create a safe and orderly environment, thereby enabling students to become successful life learners. The Health room is designed to assist students with chronic conditions and be an emergency station to care for minor injuries and illnesses that occur at school. Injuries or health concerns that occur outside of school should be treated at home or by your health care provider. The school nurse cannot diagnose or prescribe medications.

Rock Hill School Nurses

  • Applied Technology Center
  • Castle Heights Middle School
  • Central Child Development Center
  • District Office
  • Dutchman Creek Middle School
  • Ebenezer Elementary
  • Ebinport Elementary
  • Flexible Learning Center
  • Independence Elementary
  • India Hook Elementary
  • Lesslie Elementary
  • Mount Gallant Elementary
  • Mount Holly Elementary
  • Northside Elementary
  • Northwestern High School
  • Oakdale Elementary
  • Old Pointe Elementary
  • Rawlinson Road Elementary
  • Richmond Drive Elementary
  • Rock Hill High School
  • Saluda Trail Middle School
  • South Pointe High School
  • Sullivan Middle School
  • Sunset Park Elementary
  • York Road Elementary
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