Planning and Program Support


    Who We Are

    The Planning and Program Support department serves students in Pre-K through twelfth grade in Rock Hill Schools.  Serving students, their families, and responding to the needs of the "whole child" are the primary focus areas of our department. The district's 27 schools and additional learning campuses are supported by our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing a nuturing, suppportive edcuational experience for all students. 


    What We Do 

    • We provide services related to family needs, health and wellness assistance, enrollment, school assignment, school attendance, dropout prevention, alternative education programs, links to community resources, and community partnerships
    • We provide assistance through "Back the Pack" weekend food supplies for students K-12
    • We provide support for transient students, at-risk students, homeless, and students placed in foster care
    • We provide support and coordination for the elementary Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program



    This Department oversees the following areas:

Contact Us


    V Keith Wilks

    Dr. V. Keith Wilks

    Chief Officer of Strategic Planning, Engagement, and Program Support

    Mrs. Ana Glosson
    Administrative Assistant

    Telephone:  803 981-1045
    Fax:  803 980-2136


     Diana Smith

      Dr. Diana Smith

    Executive Director of Student Services

    Ms. Nina Cullinan
    Administrative Assistant

    Telephone:  803 981-1041

    Sadie Kirell

    Mrs. Sadie Kirell, Clinical Lead Nurse

    Telephone:  803 981-1096

    Serena Williams

    Mrs. Serena Williams, Coordinator of Community Services, Foster Care, and Homeless Education Liaison 

    Telephone:  803 981-1006

    Sally Wilson

    Mrs. Sally Wilson, Attendance Coordinator

    Telephone:  803 981-1044