Student Disciplinary Actions

  • Student Disciplinary Actions on Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities

    An extracurricular activity often entails activities of public interest, visibility, and focus of attention. Students who take part in such activities, in effect, serve as special ambassadors of the school they represent. Consequently, the behavior of those students who choose to participate in these activities draws such public interest and attention that it is unique in its capacity to elevate or diminish the School District’s standing in the public mind. Strong public education programs cannot exist without strong public support. Therefore, all students participating in extracurricular activities who are charged by law enforcement authorities with criminal conduct1 or who engage in other acts of  “gross misbehavior”, e.g. (A) possession or use of controlled substances at school or at school-sponsored activities, (B) acts of disrespect to a teacher or other school authority, (C) acts of cruelty or violence either physical or emotional, (D) use of profane or vulgar language shall, at the discretion of the principal, be subject to suspension and/or possible exclusion from participation in extracurricular activities.

    *The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that random drug testing for students who participate in extracurricular activities is constitutional as long as certain procedural steps are followed. Before taking disciplinary action, pursuant to this rule, the principal shall meet and confer with the student’s teacher and extracurricular sponsor(s). The principal’s decision shall be final unless reversed or modified on appeal to the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee, in which event the decision of the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee shall be final. If a student is found to be in violation of the above rule the following consequences shall be applied:

    1st Offense: The student shall be suspended from all extracurricular activities for not less than five(5) Consecutive school days. If the offense involves use or possession of a controlled substance, the student is referred to the Keystone program and must complete the program. If, at any point, the student fails to follow all rules and regulations for attendance and participation in the program, he/she will immediately become ineligible to participate in any activity until the program is fully completed. The student’s eligibility to resume participation is contingent upon his/her agreement to participate in a random controlled substance testing program for a period of not less than six school months.

    2nd Offense: The student shall be suspended from all extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year. If, however, the second offense occurs with less than nine (9) weeks remaining in the school year, the principal may, if he/she chooses, extend the suspension period to include the first nine (9) weeks grading period of the ensuing school year.

    Felony Criminal Charges: Charges of felony criminal offenses brought by law enforcement shall result in immediate ineligibility from all extracurricular activities for a calendar year from the date of the charge. If a student is found not guilty of such charges, he/she shall be eligible, following review by the principal, for immediate reinstatement. If a charge brought forth by law enforcement is of high and serious nature, but may not be classified as a felony, the charge may be determined, by review of the principal, to be treated just as a felony for purposes of this rule. Any violation of this rule under a court ordered penalty or performance obligation (i.e. pre-trial intervention) of some kind would render the student ineligible, as the rule should apply, until the court order has been fully satisfied.

    Additional Clarification: If a student is suspended, placed at an alternative program such as the Renaissance Academy or Raven Academy (virtual or face-to-face), excluded from the regular school setting, or expelled from the school district, the student is not eligible to be on any school district property other than the location specified to obtain educational services as outlined in placement documentation. The student is not eligible to attend events on any district properties; therefore, the student is not eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities including athletics during the suspension, alternative placement, exclusion, or expulsion period.

    Notice of Decision and Right to Appeal: Notice of a decision by the principal to suspend or exclude shall be given to the student’s parent/guardian in writing. In those instances where the principal’s decision is to suspend the student from participation in activities for more than five (5) consecutive school days, the notice shall conclude with a final sentence that stands alone and in bold print that reads as follows:
    This decision may be appealed to the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee within five (5) days of this decision by submitting the following request in writing addressed to:

    Rock Hill Schools
    P.O. Box 10072
    Rock Hill, SC 29731

    Please schedule at the earliest available time a hearing to review the decision of ___________________________________, Principal of_________________________________ School, to (suspend) (exclude) my son/daughter, _________________________, from participating in activities.

    Nothing herein shall be construed as limiting the responsibility or authority of school officials to initiate standard disciplinary processes or to take other disciplinary actions as may be deemed appropriate.
    *Any student formally charged by law enforcement with criminal conduct about which school officials neither know nor are able, through their own investigative efforts, to determine the facts will be required to cease participating in extracurricular activities pending resolution of the criminal charge.
    Upon resolution of the charges, the matter will be reexamined and a decision will be made regarding any further exclusion from extracurricular activities.