Parent/Coach Relationship

  • It is the goal of the relationship between the parent and the coach to promote positive support of the student athletes, team identity and spirit.  Cooperation among coaches and parents will result in a stronger and more positive experience for student athletes.  We strongly recommend that parents and coaches use these ways of communicating.

    1. Coaches are expected to communicate with players, parents, officials and the coaches and/or administrators of other school teams.

    2. Communication with coaches is important. If a parent wishes to communicate with the coach, he/she should call the school for an appointment (approaching a coach during practice or at the end of a competition is not appropriate while a coach is involved in post-game duties or supervision of students). Parents should communicate with coaches concerning advice on how to help the athlete improve with extra practice, concerns about a student athlete’s physical well-being, concerns with academic progress or positive comments about the team. It would not be appropriate for the parents to attempt to discuss team strategies, individual playing time or other student athletes with the coach.

    3. Parents are responsible for providing timely transportation and pick-up of students after games and practices. If timely pick-up becomes a concern, the coach will notify the parent directly of this concern. After this notice, if the situation is not improved or resolved, a student may not be eligible to continue on the team.

    4. It is our hope that parents and coaches can work together to help the student athletes have a positive team experience.