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    We are honored you are considering Rock Hill Schools as a career option. We are a progressive, academically focused learning community that keeps student achievement at the forefront of everything we do. Rock Hill Schools provides a great opportunity for educators to grow and develop professionally. We are continually looking for quality people to become part of our learning community. Whether you are a first year teacher or a seasoned veteran, there is a place for you in Rock Hill Schools!

    Rock Hill Schools is an equal opportunity employer. The district does not discriminate in any of its programs, activities, services, and other operations on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

    Information available on our website will better acquaint you with job vacancies, salaries, and procedures related to Personnel functions in the district.

    General questions may be directed to (803) 981-1024. Specific inquiries should be directed to the staff listed below.


    Personnel Department Staff

    Tanya Campbell

    Dr. Tanya Campbell
    Chief of Human Resources
    (803) 981-1024


    Gina Jenkins
    Director of Human Resources
    (803) 981-1059




    sonya horne

    Sonya Horne

    Human Relations Coordinator
    (803) 981-1092

    Certified & Administrative
    Employment processes,
    claims/hearings, EEOC,
    Certificate Renewal,
    ID badges

    judy howe

    Judy Howe
    HR Receptionist
    (803) 981-1024

    Sick leave
    bank applications,
    Application receipt
    (all types),
    ID badges



    DeWilla Williams

    DeWilla Williams
    HR Data Manager
    (803) 981-1091

    Electronic files/
    Surveys, ID Badges

    melissa tate

    Melissa Tate
    HR Assistant
    (803) 981-1858

    ADEPT (teacher evaluation),
    Recruitment, Web postings,
    National Board support,
    ID badges

    janet morris

    Janet Morris
    Teacher Support
    (803) 985-3530


    Leigh Grimsley
    Leigh Grimsley
    Teacher Support
    (803) 981-5012

    Angelia Green  

    Angie Green
    Teacher Support
    (803) 985-1609