Email Password Reset

  • Minimum Password Length is 12 characters

    • Must use atleast 3 of these type characters:
      • Uppercase letters
      • Lowercase letters
      • Number
      • Special Character

    Rock Hill Schools is making it easier for you to reset your password if you ever forget it or if you just want to change it.  We have setup a secure system that will require you to answer some security questions before you will be able to use the system.

    First Step - ENROLL


     Complete the sign-up process using your existing email address and password. 

    Select ENROLL

    Next Step -  When needed

    Use this link:

    • To Change Your Password
    • If you Forgot Password

    Contact Ginny Hedgpath  Email  if you have any questions.

Golden Security Rules

  • Be Cautious or Suspicious!

    We will NEVER send an email to ask you to validate or confirm your password.

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  • Look where you are going!

    Before clicking on a hyperlink, hover over the link with your mouse and look to see if it matches the website you intend to view.

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  • Look where you are!

    If you click a link, check the address bar and make sure it took you to the proper domain and you were not redirected.

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Staff Email Options

  • Rock Hill Schools Employees have several options for accessing their district email account.

    • Access email with Office 365 using any internet browser.  This access includes Microsoft's latest applications including Mail, Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and more.
      (View more detailed instructions)
      • Click the button/Office365 logo below to login: office 365 login
        (Link is also located on Rock Hill School District web site under "Staff Email.")

    • Access Email with Outlook Client 
      (View more detailed instructions)

    • Access email on your iPad or Apple iPhone
      1. Go to Settings
      2. Select MAIL
      3. Click ADD ACCOUNT
      4. Choose EXCHANGE and follow the prompts.

    • Access email on a Android phone
      1. Download the OUTLOOK app and follow the prompts


    If you have a problem with your RHMail account, please contact Ginny Hedgpath in the district Technology Department at