Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Parent/Guardian Athletic Code of Conduct and Expectations

    We are challenged with the educational development of young men and women through participation in athletics. A well-organized program has the potential to promote a student’s development, mentally, physically and socially.  It is our commitment to provide such a program in the Rock Hill Schools
    The goal of the interscholastic program in the Rock Hill Schools is to teach the student athletes sportsmanship, commitment, fairness, sacrifice, hard work and team work.  An essential part of that teaching process is for those qualities to be demonstrated by all those involved with the program including the coaches, parents and the student athletes themselves. 

    To ensure that our programs are a positive experience for all involved, the following list of expectations has been developed.  By allowing your child to participate in interscholastic sports within the Rock Hill School District, you have committed yourself to certain responsibilities and obligations, which are, but not limited to;

    • Understanding that participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right.  Student athletes risk being removed from a team if the expectations set by RHSD3, the home school’s athletic department and the Coach are not met.

    • Athletes take part in interscholastic sports for their enjoyment, not yours.  Support your child win or lose and be realistic about his/her talents.  Do not force a child to participate if it is not their desire.

    • Communicate positively with your child about the program, including talk about the coaches, officials and other team members.

    • Show respect for everyone involved in the program---the coaches, team members, the parents of other athletes, the opposing team members, score keepers, and referees.  Sportsmanship is more important than winning and that is the message we should send with our actions at all times.  The use of profanity or yelling obscenities at the officials during contests is prohibited.

    • Promptly pick up your child after all practices and contests.

    • The use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products while attending all athletic events is prohibited and will result in your removal and possible arrest.

    • Support the concept of being a student first and an athlete second.   Athletic eligibility is dependent on the student meeting academic guidelines set by the SCHSL and home school.  Monitor your child’s progress in the classroom. Commit to your child’s education and be sure to convey that commitment to them.  Athletic scholarships are a dream for many, but before it can become a reality, they must have the grades to be admitted to the college and/or university. 

    • Parents are welcome at all games and matches - and are encouraged to attend. Practices, however, are closed to spectators and guests. Parents, by their presence at competitive events, are also representatives of the school. The expectation of good sportsmanship and positive public decorum sets a model for our athletes and your children.

    Parents should be familiar with all district and school policies and are expected to abide by them.