Athletic Injuries

    • Any injury, large or small, should be reported immediately to the coach in charge and the district athletic trainer. 

    • Any injuries requiring a doctor’s care should be noted and a doctor’s release required before the athlete is allowed to play or practice. Any athlete not having a doctor’s release would not be allowed to play or practice unless the parent or guardian contacts the coach in charge or athletic director and signs a release form.

    • Any student-athlete injured during a tryout, practice or competition for a Rock Hill School Dirstrict athletic team that needed profession medical care must see the office of the athletic director and complete an Incident Report within 10 days of the incident.

    • Injuries not requiring a doctor’s care should be left up to the Athletic Trainer or head coach, in the absence of the Trainer, to assess the athlete’s ability to play or practice.

    • “BLOOD RULE” - Athletes may be required to leave a game and cleanse their uniform or possibly change uniforms before they can re-enter the game.

     Concussion and Student Athletes Fact Sheet