Transfer Requests

  • District policy provides procedures for parents to request a school assignment outside of their residential school attendance zone.  Transfer request criteria  are as follows:

    • Problems related to severe medical conditions documented on letterhead by a physician.
    • Limited child care availability.
    • Students assigned to out of zone school by Exceptional Student Services - siblings may apply for a transfer to the same out of zone school.
    • Completion of last grade level at previously assigned school.  Applies to students completing the 5th, 8th, or 12th grade only.
    • Extraordinary circumstances involving sudden traumatic family situations.  Documentation may be requested.

    Due to considerable growth and school capacity concerns, requests based on convenience, proximity to a school, specific program, or conflicts within the school environment are not included in policy criteria and will not be approved.

    To download the request application, click below: 

    2022-2023 Forms

    2023-2024 Forms