Day Treatment Center

  • The Rock Hill Schools Day Treatment Center (DTC) is under the guidance of the Rock Hill Schools Department of Behavioral and Mental Health Services. The DTC is a 30-90-day short-term intensive therapeutic treatment program. The curriculum is aligned with the South Carolina Department of Education, Social and Emotional Learner Competencies (SEL).

    The primary populations served are children and/or adolescents, in grades K-8, with a severe mental health diagnosis and or a traumatic event that impedes the student from being unable to benefit from participation in their home school academic setting.



  • “Equipping students with the skills necessary to develop, strengthen, and support the development of self-regulation skills by fostering and strengthening relationships between self and others, while providing individual educational services at the student’s current fundamental level."

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  • Dr. Terrence Chisolm
    Administrator of Day Treatment Center