Language Screening

  • Immersion Language Screening 

    • Rock Hill Schools will conduct language screenings on any student who desires to enter the language immersion program after Kindergarten. 

    • Kindergarten students are not screened.

    • Only students who have been enrolled in a language immersion program and/or who are heritage speakers are permitted to be screened after Kindergarten.  

    Immersion Language Screening FAQs

    Is there anything that my child needs to do to prepare?

    Students should be prepared with notebook/computer paper and a marker.  

    Are language screenings in person or face-to-face?

    All language screenings will take place virtually.  

    Who should I contact if I want my child to be screened?

    Please reach out to Dr. Joya Holmes, Executive Director of Professional Learning, at 

    When should I expect to get feedback on the screening?

    You will receive a phone call as soon as screening results are back.