Key Information

  • Replace York Road Elementary School

    Build New School on Current Site

    Building Size: 106,000 SF (new construction)

    Capacity: 900 Students

Scope of Work

  • visualization of new school

    York Road Elementary School was constructed in 1971 with a capacity of 644 students.  The school has not been substantially renovated.  The 26 acre site on West Main Street is ideal to construct a new school building with larger capacity for flexibility of service area as an alternative to extensive renovation cost required. The added capacity can also accommodate an expanded choice program for performing arts in our district.  The new school building will be constructed for 875-900 student capacity, at 106,000 SF. The current building will be demolished and converted to parking, playgrounds, and access roadways.

    possible site placement of new school

    Images are for visualization purposes only. Actual design and placement on the York Road Elementary School campus to be determined with substantial stakeholder input.

Estimated Total

  • $31,200,000

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