Key Information

  • Sullivan Middle School

    Build New Middle School

    Building Size: 160,000 sq ft (new construction)

    Capacity: 1,100 Students

    *School site yet to be determined. Options include demolition and rebuild on current school site or purchase of land to build the new school.

Scope of Work

  • visualization of new middle school
    Image is for visualization purposes only. Actual design to be determined with substantial stakeholder input.

    W.C. Sullivan Middle School was constructed in 1959-1962 with additions and renovations in 1989, 2003, and 2018.  After conversion of the schools’ “F” building to serve as the 4th and 5th grade wing of Cherry Park Elementary School of Language Immersion, the capacity is now 1,052 students at 153,819 SF.  The facility is very inefficiently designed with segregated, single loaded 2-story buildings, and it is not cost effective to continue to renovate beyond its current remaining life cycle.

    The new school building will be constructed to a capacity of 1,100 students at 145 SF/Student or 160,000 SF.  The location of the new school building will be determined by analyzing the options of replacement on site with temporary relocation of the school itself vs. constructing on a separate new land parcel (35 acres) to be acquired.

Estimated Total

  • $50,465,000

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