Scope of Work

  • Upgrade Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment

    Capital Renewal “Asset Protection Index” amount based on 1/15 per year (6.67%) for $65M inventory, assuming average 15 year life. 

    Does not include technology or kitchen equipment. 


    Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment include detached furnishings, simply attached fixtures such as whiteboards, wall hangings or panels, refrigerators, kilns, P.E. equipment, etc.  This project does not address technology equipment such as mobile devices, most kitchen equipment or replacement athletic or performing arts equipment.  Specific inventory to be replaced will be based on a revised process for systematic management of FFE, built upon input from key stakeholders.  Procurements may be packaged by site or by function.   Excludes sites or portions of sites that recently received new FFE from previous bond funding.  This project may also be used as contingency support to renovation and modernization projects.

Estimated Total

  • $11,000,000

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