• “ONE” is the Master Plan for 2020-2030, a comprehensive overview and long-term facilities renewal and improvements plan for Rock Hill Schools that can help the district reach its goal to transform our school campuses into One Rock Hill Modern Learning network for every graduate's success. The product of a community stakeholder-driven process, "One" aligns to the Rock Hill Schools’ Strategic Plan, Modern Learner education philosophy, Board goals and Superintendent’s Focus Areas. The March 31, 2020, bond referendum seeks funding for projects outlined in the first five years of the plan.

    Our new goal expands beyond the classrooms and individual campuses to our entire district, and seeks to unify or “network” our Rock Hill Schools together toward the most critical desired outcome: each and every student attaining the world-class knowledge, skills and life and career characteristics of a true South Carolina graduate, and becoming a successful citizen. We will reach our key goal of transforming our campuses through the key strategies of:

    • Continuing our transition to flexible, collaborative learning spaces,
    • Interconnecting spaces through innovative infrastructure, and
    • Preparing and preserving a secure, sustainable school system.

    This plan:

    • Identifies external and internal trends and drivers affecting our mission and goals,
    • Develops future needs and goals given these trends and drivers, including forecast enrollment by school and program,
    • Assesses the real property, technology and financial resources to meet future needs,
    • Creates long range facilities strategies to bridge the gap between assets and goals, and
    • Produces a ten-year project plan of action which follows the strategies to reach goals, using capital funds and other resources. 

    Projects in the "ONE" Master Plan fall into one of three key project areas with a total cost of $294.8 million:

    The Rock Hill community will be asked on March 31, 2020 to vote in a bond election that would allow the district to borrow up to $294.8 million to execute the projects outlined in the first five years of the "ONE" Master Plan. Project overviews, including estimated costs are included on this website. If approved, district staff will update each project status when design and construction begins.

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