Renovate & Upgrade Stormwater Systems

  • Project List

    All district stormwater detention basins operate under Clean Water Act permits issued by the City of Rock Hill or the County of York on behalf of the SC DHEC. Major maintenance and repair work required includes reconstruction of inlet and outlet control structures, re-slope and re-structure basin floor, restoration of basin capacity, vegetation placement or removal. Similar actions required for pipelines, catch basins and open drainage channels. Upgrades include establishment of pre-treatment “bioretention areas” and curricular “teaching gardens” for biology study at some sites. Sites include but are not limited to:

    • Saluda Trail Middle School: replacement of storm retention ponds
    • Ebinport Elementary School: repair site grading
    • India Hook Elementary School: back of school, playground area
    • Mount Gallant Elementary School: outside playground area
    • Mount Holly Elementary School: general repairs of all basins
    • Northside Elementary School of the Arts: new playground area
    • Oakdale Elementary School: artificial turf area
    • Rosewood Elementary School: K playground area
    • Northwestern High School: major site drainage system reconstruction
    • Rawlinson Road Middle School: major site drainage system reconstruction
    • Rock Hill High School: replace stormwater system, courtyard at building D & E
    • South Pointe High School: restore site systems, correct sinking spots
    • Dutchman Creek Middle School: replace lines and erosion control for soccer and track fields

Estimated Total

  • $625,000

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