Upgrade & Replace Water Supply

  • Project List

    • Work required at all sites for cross connection control. Work required at middle and high school fields for irrigation systems.
    • Repairs required for potable water systems which must be operated in compliance with the SCDHEC-administered Safe Drinking Water Act.

    Ongoing major repairs and replacement of water supply mains, major trunk lines on campuses and accessible plumbing inside buildings is required due to the advanced age of many buildings. Major well-supplied irrigation systems for middle and high school athletic fields require capital renewal at end of useful life and repair due to impacts, severe weathering and improper use. A Cross Connection Control (CCC) program required by SCDHEC includes ongoing repairs and upgrades to backflow preventers, check valves and anti-siphon devices to ensure contaminated water from groundwater and other sources does not enter drinking water supply. Costs for each site will vary with in-house trades assessment and periodic state CCC audits.

    Water Mains Replacement

    Sanitary Sewerage Replacement

    Irrigation Systems Repairs

    Backflow Preventer Replacement


Estimated Total

  • $400,000

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