Building Life Safety Systems Improvements

  • Project List

    This project area includes continued mandated or recommended Life Safety Codes Improvements.

    Work in this project may be accomplished as part of large Modernization Projects, with funds allocated to those projects as appropriate.

    Install Fire Sprinkler Systems

    Installation of Automated Fire Sprinkler Systems in school buildings designed without this system will increase safety for our children, increase flexibility to make interior alterations and upgrades to schools in the future and potentially decrease insurance costs. Projects will be paired with larger planned renovation work as a priority.

    Fire Alarm and Reporting Systems

    Replacement of existing systems and upgrade to latest technology for audible/voice alarm annunciation and digital, network based reporting capability. Continuation of installations completed on selected schools under Build On The Rock program 2015-2020.

    First Responder Access Roads

    Installation of reinforced earth or paved roadways required by new code for fire engines, police vehicles and other first response units to access within 150 feet of any exterior building surface without using normal traffic access roads. To be provided only in locations mandated by local fire marshall or SC Education Department Office of School Facilities.

Estimated Total

  • $10,181,508

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