Safety & Security Improvements

  • Project List

    This project is for additional safety improvements not already included in separately listed Renovation, Modernization or Replacement Projects.

    This work may be designed and packaged for procurement by site or by system for best quality, cost and responsiveness.

    Access Control Structures

    Enhancements to front access control vestibules and office reception areas as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and district standards continue to develop. Other CPTED improvements including resistant window glazing, window and door frame hardening.

    Strategic Fencing / Perimeter Control

    Current standard access control fencing and gates installed at most vulnerable locations, including sides and back of grounds, areas between buildings for larger campuses.

    Electronic Door Access Systems

    Network controlled access systems for exterior, classroom and office doors, AED and other critical device cabinets, first responder lock boxes and lockdown buttons have been installed on 1,004 first phase locations. Continued installations will target remaining classrooms and other securable locations by order of risk assessed.

    Audio-Video Surveillance Systems

    Upgrades to existing “generation one” systems installed, to include new capabilities for night vision, audio activation, highest resolution in priority locations. Includes expansion of camera locations in most elementary schools as a priority. New mobile and stationary monitoring to be added or upgraded at required locations.

    Emergency Power Systems / Generators

    Repairs and upgrades to existing 42 emergency power units including generator sets, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. Additional circuits will be added as required.

    Emergency Communications Signage

    Includes stationary digital signs and mobile emergency signage. This project will be coordinate with other signage provided in the “Building Life-Ready Students” section of the projects list.

    Emergency Radio Systems

    Continual maintenance and replacement of equipment and hand held radios for all schools and central support departments, including new radios for Technology Department.

    Public Address / Classroom Communication Systems

    Next phase of upgrades to school public address and intercom systems, including 2-way capability for classrooms and support sites. Installation of classroom landline telephones for classrooms is a goal contingent on general funding of service. PA/intercom compatibility with classroom audio speech amplification systems is a secondary priority. All school sites.

    Security Alarm Systems

    Replacement and upgrade of existing intrusion detection systems, to include additional interior motion and exterior door contact sensors, stronger sensor capability with reduced false alarm triggers, networking of all systems for centralized monitoring, mobile monitoring and control. All Sites by priority of risk assessed.

    Visitor Management/ Control Systems

    Includes enhancements and upgrades to existing system (Raptor) for enhanced capability, ease of use and added security features. All sites.

    Lighting / Severe Weather Warning Systems

    Continued upgrades for latest technology and capability for accurate warning. District wide service benefitting all schools and sites.

Estimated Total

  • $4,595,000

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Project Status

  • 30 percent

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Budget Spent

  • 60 percent

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