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  • Mission: Rock Hill Schools will provide all students with challenging work that authentically engages them in the learning process and prepares them for successful futures.

    District Goals

    • Create clear and articulated K-12 pathways that provide choice in the district
    • Revise facility master plan to address facility conditions and leverage appropriate capacity levels based upon academic programming needs
    • Attract and maintain family partnerships with Rock Hill School Community
    • Offer academic programs that meet the needs of the community and leads to graduating college and career ready students


    • Expand ATC programs
    • Expand PreK
    • Expand Schools of Choice

    5-Year Instructional Goals

    • Conduct district-wide needs assessment on student interests for planning of choice programming expansion.
    • Increase equity and opportunity within programs and for all students.
    • Ensure access to choice programs for all families.
    • Continue focus on improving student learning and performance.
    • Increase clarity of district pathways in order to build effective student completion, improved student performance, and family satisfaction meeting the needs of all stakeholders

    Next Steps:

    • Conduct needs assessment and/or feasibility study within the school district to align district resources.
    • Seek further stakeholder input.
    • Visit/observe locations in which desired programs exist.
    • Begin work to develop a plan that bolsters interests and application into choice programming by underrepresented populations.
    • Align programming with district’s plans for facilities, attendance zones, choice programming process, and open enrollment.

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