Carroll School Statement

  • Dear Rock Hill Schools Parents,

    The Carroll School field trip is a unique learning opportunity for all Rock Hill Schools 5th grade students scheduled throughout their school year.  For the past fifteen years students have been visiting the Carroll School as part of studying the Great Depression era in the South Carolina school curriculum. Rock Hill Schools encourages open dialogue and communication between parents, school staff, the district office and the Rock Hill community. 

     In light of recent concerns regarding parts of the Carroll School field experience, Rock Hill Schools has made some changes to the program that will go into effect immediately. Students will no longer participate in picking cotton as part of the experience. Additionally, the song that was written and sung by an instructor based on his life experiences as an African American during the Great Depression era will no longer be performed. Although the previous permission form provided a description of the activities in which students would participate, the form has been revised to include more details regarding the activities. As was previously the case, any parents that object to their child’s participation in the Carroll School experience can opt out of the trip or any aspect of the trip that they find objectionable.

    The District regrets that what was intended to be an educational opportunity where Carroll School alumni could share some of their life experiences with elementary students has caused other members of our community to feel offended or hurt.

    The District is continuing to evaluate this matter and has sought, and will continue to seek, the input of our stakeholders, as we look for ways to honor the history of the Carroll School and its former students in ways that appropriately honor the legacy of this important part of our community and history.

    Thank you,
    Rock Hill Schools


    To view video about the Carroll School please see the following links: (PBS video) (PBS video) (district video) (district video)