Gifted and Talented

  • The Gifted & Talented Program provided by Rock Hill Schools consists of a series of programs to meet the needs of gifted & talented students in grades 3-12.  We offer programs and services that match the unique characteristics and needs of high achieving students.    



    The mission of Rock Hill Schools' gifted education program is to provide opportunities that promote high achievement, to develop critical thinking, to enhance creativity and innovation in an environment that fosters collaboration, and to encourage civic engagement in a global society.



     -Gifted and talented students have the right to an appropriate education, one grounded in the recognition of their individual differences and unique learning needs. 

    -Gifted and talented students must be taught using a curriculum that is responsive to their individual strengths and learning styles.

     -Curriculum for gifted and talented learning must be founded on South Carolina academic standards and must allow for both acceleration and enrichment. 

     -The instructional environment for gifted and talented learners must encourage and nurture inquiry, flexibility, and critical and creative thinking.  

    Commitment to Educational Excellence

    Rock Hill Schools strives to meet the educational needs of all students and has established gifted programs that respond to the unique characteristics of gifted students.  District guidelines and screening procedures are consistent with the regulations provided by the SC Department of Education (SCDE).

    Definition of Gifted and Talented

    The SC definition of gifted and talented is consistent with the National Excellence Report (1995).

    Students with outstanding talent demonstrate the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment.

    These students exhibit high performance abilities in intellectual, creative, and/or artistic areas, possess leadership qualities and/or excel in specific academic fields.  They require services or activities to develop these talents.  Outstanding talents are present in students from all groups — cultural, economic, and students with disabilities.

    Criteria for GT Academic Programs

    Identification is a multi-step process, which consists of referral, screening, and assessments.

    The SCDE has established three dimensions as criteria for placement in the academically gifted program.


    South Carolina State Identification Criteria:

    A student who scores at the 96th percentile or higher national age percentile composite/total score is automatically identified as gifted.
    There are 3 dimensions for qualifications. 

    A student must qualify in 2 of the 3.
    Dimension A – Aptitude

    CogAT – 93rd age percentile or higher in verbal, nonverbal, quantitative, or composite section

    Dimension B – Achievement

    SC Ready – meets minimum scale “cut” score in math or reading, as determined by the SC Department of Education each year


    MAP – 94th national percentile or higher in reading or math


    ITBS 94th national percentile or higher in reading or math 

    If a student qualifies in A and B, the student will not take C.

    Dimension C

    A student takes the PTA only if he/she qualifies in Dimension A or Dimension B on the most current available scores.
    The PTA is given in the spring.

    Private test results cannot be used to determine student eligibility.

    All Assessments used for state GT identification must take place face-to-face with a certified proctor.

    Students identified by state criteria in one South Carolina school district are eligible for services in any South Carolina school district.

    Once a student is identified for the GT program, he/she will remain qualified throughout his/her school career.


    Elementary GT Curriculum Parent Resources

    Additional information for parents and teachers of gifted and talented students may be found on the South Carolina Department of Education website. 




    For Information Contact:

    Elementary School: Dr. Katie Barber (803) 981-1055

    Secondary School: Jennifer Morrison (803) 981-1055