Additions & Renovations

  • Project Description:
    To provide better facilities to ensure student-athletes and athletic trainers have appropriately sized spaces, Rock Hill High School's C building is undergoing a renovation to update the athletic training room, increase the size of the weight room, and provide a new code-compliant family restroom in the "old gym" lobby. Additionally, new lights will be installed at the baseball field and a fieldhouse support building will be built at the softball field.

    Projected Completion:
    Spring 2017

    Photos of Construction:

    View from taping tables toward ice bath area     View of ice bath area and office space
    new RHHS athletic training room     new RHHS athletic training room

    View from ice bath area looking toward            
    taping tables and storage
    new RHHS athletic training room

    February 8, 2017
    View from taping tables toward ice bath area    View taping tables
    athletic training     athletic training room

    View of expanded weight room that will be connected to the mini-gym
    weight room expansion

    April 21, 2017
    Softball fieldhouse and support building
    softball fieldhouse


    Completed Softball Support Building - Locker Room, Restrooms, and Concessions
    support building