Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies

  • Project Description:
    A committee of parents, teachers, and administrators are working in partnership with Columbia-based Quackenbush Architects + Planners to redesign a more functional front office area, vehicle drop off loop, and to improve the school cafeteria to better serve the growing student population. One very noticieable enhancement to the school cafeteria will be the addition of a stage and natural light provided by new windows. Fire sprinklers will also be added throughout the existing building.

    Project Total:
    $5.6 Million

    Projected Completion:

    Project Renderings:
    new Sunset Park entrance

    new Sunset Park entrace alternate view

    new Sunset Park aerial view


    BEFORE Pictures:
    Exterior view of front entrance and office area of Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies.

    before picture of Sunset Park office

    Exterior view of Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies cafeteria and trash collection area
    exterior of Sunset Park cafeteria

    Sunset Park new entrance

    New entrance as of early July 2018. 

    Side of the entrance/office

    Side of the entrane/office

    Side of new entrance

    Side angle of new entrance/office.

    Front entrance

    Front entrance

    Inside hallway

    Inside hallway