Restroom Renovation

  • Project description: Restrooms are being updated at schools across the district. In some locations, new restrooms are being added.

    Project Photos:

    Richmond Drive Elementary
    A new addition was added to the school to increase restroom capacity at the school. This project was temporarily delayed due to a fire at the construction site on April 29, 2016.

    richmond drive restrooms   richmond drive restrooms


    Rock Hill High School
    Renovated men's restroom in lobby of C Building (future plans to include women's restroom on opposite side of lobby)

    new restroom   restroom renovation
    January 13, 2017                                          February 8, 2017


    Belleview Elementary School


    Independence Elementary School

    independence 1   independence 2

    Lesslie Elementary School

    lesslie bathroom 1   lesslie bathroom 2

     York Road Elementary School