New Language Immersion School

  • Project Description:
    In a move that will consolidate the district's language immersion programs onto a single campus, the new school will unify the district's language instruction and create a pipeline that will allow students to continue in-depth language study at Sullivan Middle School in grades 6-8. Presently, Spanish immersion is offered at Richmond Drive Elementary and Ebinport Elementary. French immersion is offered at Rosewood Elementary. Sullivan houses the district's middle school International Baccalaureate making this an ideal location for the new language school. A committee of parents, teachers, and administrators have worked in partnership with Charlotte-based Moseley Architects to purposefully design a facility that will reflect the teaching and learning occuring inside its walls.

    Total Project Cost:
    $30 million

    Ceremonial Groundbreaking Ceremony:
    August 31, 2017 - Watch ceremony below.

    Construction Start:
    March 2017

    November 2018

    Project Renderings:
    As we move into the construction phase, additional pictures will be added to keep you informed of the project.

    new language immersion school
    This rendering shows the new language immersion school on the campus of Sullivan Middle School. The two-story campus will connect with the existing middle school.

    language immersion school
    This shows the position of the new school in relation to Sullivan Middle School and Cherry Road, which can be seen on the right side of the picture.

    language immersion school
    New parking and driveways will be added as well to be in compliance with state Department of Transportation requirements.

    Site of future language immersion school
    The track and football/soccer field at Sullivan Middle School will be replaced and relocated to the opposite side of campus to make way for the language immersion school. In the below image, the track will move from its current location to the bottom of the image where you can see the softball field. The new location will still include a softball field.
    sullivan campus

    July 24, 2017
    future site of LIA
    Panorama picture looking toward Sullivan of construction site

     new lia

    new track
    Grading in progress for new track and field on location of former softball field

    new car loop at sms
    New car loop at Sullivan entrance on Caswell Street


    September 16, 2017
    new track at Sullivan 1   new track at Sullivan 2
    New track and field at Sullivan campus


    December 2017
    track final

    view 1

    view 2

    view 3

    view 4

    view 5

    view 6

    view 7

    view 8

    view 9

    view 10

    Early July of 2018:

    Front view         Front of school

    Front of language immersion school

    Future media center         Future media center

    Future media center

    Entry hallway     Side hallway

    Entry hallway (top) and side hallway (bottom)

    Future classroom     Future classroom

    An example of a future classroom

    Future gymnasium     Future gymnasium

    The future gymnasium from the upper floor

    Future gymnasium     Future gymnasium

    Future gymnasium from lower floor

    End of upstairs hallway     End of upstairs hallway

    End of the upstairs hallway

    Exterior view of school     Behind the school

    Exterior view of the school (top) and view of the work going on behind the school (bottom)