Key & ID Card Replacement

  • When an employee, vendor, volunteer or non-employee (“the Cardholder”) loses or has a key or electronic “card key” stolen:

    1. The Cardholder must report loss or theft to his/her supervisor, principal, site director or program director (“principal or designee”) immediately.

    2. Principal or designee shall:
      a.    Contact district’s Risk, Security, Emergency Management office by quickest means available, and
      b.    Enters/approves a Work Order (WO) for key or card key replacement.  

    3. Facilities Services Department (FSD) will acknowledge and approve the WO and produce the replacement after one business day.   FSD will notify the principal or designee by email (and cardholder if email available) when the replacement is ready for pick-up.

    4. Cardholder reports to Bookkeeper at school site, or designated cash collection point at other sites.  Cardholder pays replacement fee of $25.00 for an individual room key or $250.00 for a master key as prescribed by Board Policy ECA-R.

    5. Bookkeeper receipts, issues receipt to cardholder, and deposits funds into specified account (100-000-1999-333-XXX).

    6. Cardholder brings receipt to Facilities Services Department., 2171 West Main Street, and completes new Card/Key Agreement (see Appendix 1.)

    7. Facilities Services Department makes copy/scan PDF of receipt, issues card, and provides copy/scan PDF of new Card Agreement to the principal or designee.