Rock Hill School District offers transportation to School Of Choice students that are enrolled in a School Of Choice program at their school. Students that are approved to attend a school of their choice through student services are required to provide their own transportation to and from school if they are not enrolled in a school of choice program. All students requesting to ride a School Of Choice bus will have to be approved before they can ride.

    We currently run 10 School Of Choice buses that are owned and operated by Rock Hill School District. These buses transport School Of Choice students from all over the district. We have routes that begin as early as 5:30 am and students that are picked up as early as 5:40 am so that we can get all SOC students to school on time (Please refer to the maximum bus riding time on our policies and procedures page). Elementary students will be taken to the transportation center in the mornings and afternoons to get on or off the shuttle buses that transport them to and from their assigned schools. Parents are not allowed to drop off or pick up students at the transportation center without prior approval from the director of transportation. Any approvals will be temporary.

    All elementary students riding a School Of Choice bus will receive a tag that is strapped onto their book bag that has their name, school name & route bus number. These tags will also be color coded to match their shuttle buses. All shuttles have colors and the name of the school they travel to and from displayed on their window. Our shuttle buses are also parked in slots that have been color coded. (See pic above). This helps the students to find their shuttle buses in the mornings. These slots also have their route numbers, so they know what bus to get on to go home. Transportation staff members and drivers help the children get on their correct bus.

    For more information or assistance with School Of Choice
    Please contact Michelle Crawford
    Email: GCrawford@rhmail.org 
    or Call 803-981-1108