Completed in 2001, the Rock Hill Schools Transportation Complex is the home of over 112 state-owned school buses & 13 district-owned buses.

    We have over 120 Federal commercially licensed and State-Certified professional school bus drivers.

    State school buses are owned by the State of South Carolina, Department of Education, and maintained by the Chester County School Bus Shop's certified school bus mechanics. Our district buses are owned by Rock Hill Schools and maintained by Rock Hill Schools certified school bus mechanics.

    Rock Hill Schools transports approximately 8,000 students twice daily -- not counting the numerous midday and after-hours routes.
    Our buses are on the road from 5:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Please note: All transportation requests or changes must be submitted to your child's school. 
    Please allow 48-72 hours for the request to be processed.

    Please contact the appropriate department for information or assistance.

    Dispatch Office- General Routing information- (803) 980-2022 
    School of Choice - SOC Routing Information- (803) 980-1108
    Special Needs - Special Needs Routing Information- (803) 980-2227

    You can also reach us by Fax at (803)980-2025.
    Email us at Bushelp@rhmail.org


    Did you know...

    • To be eligible to ride a school bus, students must live at least one and one-half miles from the school which they attend unless the situation is deemed hazardous by the director of transportation.
    • A school bus cannot leave the approved route to pick up a student who lives less than three-tenths of a mile from the main route without prior approval.
    • School bus stops must be at least two-tenths of a mile apart unless deemed hazardous by the director of transportation. Please notify transportation immediately if you feel your child's bus stop is in a hazardous location.
    • Any student that does not ride for 3 consecutive days or more will have to call transportation 24 hours in advance to have their bus stop reactivated.
    • Students are expected to be at their bus stop 10 minutes prior to the expected arrival of the school bus and should be ready to immediately board the bus.
    • Students in grades Pre-K through second grade must have a parent or legal guardian at the bus stop to receive them. Any student within this age group that does not have a parent or legal guardian present at the bus stop or has not submitted a Transportation Authorization Release Form to the transportation office will be taken back to their school.
    • Cell phones are allowed to be used on the bus as long as they are not causing a disturbance.
    • School buses must stop at all railroad crossings.
    • School buses cannot turn right on red.
    • School bus drivers are required to signal children at all passenger stops. These hand signals are designed to enhance safety.
    • The maximum speed limit for a school bus is 45mph, or in accordance with the posted speed limit.
    • When wind forces of 30MPH or greater strike the side of the bus, the forces exerted can exceed 500 lbs. Forces of this magnitude can greatly impact steering control and tracking of school buses in motion. This is true for sustained winds of 30MPH or greater or wind gusts greater than 40mph.
    • Nationally, school buses travel 4.3 billion miles per year. With a fatality rate of 0.02 per 100,000000 passenger miles, school buses are the safest form of transportation in the U.S.
    • All transportation requests and changes must be submitted to the school. Please allow 48-72 hours for the request to be processed.
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