Personal/Ink Jet Printer Installation

  • Follow these steps to install an inkjet or personal printer to your computer:

    Make sure that the USB cable is unplugged from your computer and your printer.

           I.      If you have an installation disk, insert it into the CD drive. If it does not open automatically:

    • click on "My Computer"
    • click on the CD drive(D:)
    • Click on the "Autoplay" file

    Follow on-screen instructions and your printer software will be automatically loaded.


         II.       If you don't have an installation CD, plug the USB cable into your computer and your printer.  The Add New Hardware wizard should automatically start.

    • Click Next, and then select Search for the best driver for your device.  Click Next.
    • Uncheck all options except Specify a Location.  Click Browse.  Browse to the disk or directory where your printer drivers are located.  Click OK, and then click Next twice.
      Note: You can download some drivers from the web. Consult the web site of your printer's manufacturer.
    • When all the files are copied, click Finish.
    • Turn on your printer. Windows should detect the printer's presence and finish the installation. Print a test page to confirm the installation.