Breakfast & Lunch

  • During the 2022-23 school year, Rawlinson Road Middle School has been designated as a CEP school. All students enrolled at RRMS will be provided breakfast and lunch free of charge.


    The mission of School Food Services is to provide superior nutrition for students and equip them with the knowledge that will enable them to make wise nutritional choices throughout life.

    Nutrition plays a crucial role in the physical and mental well being of an individual. The foods people eat are vital to their health and nutritional status. Both kinds and amounts of foods make a difference in whether individuals are well or poorly nourished. The elementary years are extremely important in the nutritional development of the young child. It is felt that a hungry child cannot have a positive learning experience; therefore, negative attitudes and discipline problems may result. In addition, nutrition studies indicate that many South Carolina teenagers have poor diet habits due to lack of nutrition education or improper dietary practices.

    The Office of School Food Services feels that nutrition education is extremely important; therefore, it strives to educate the students by using the facilities as a curriculum laboratory and in working with the teachers to promote nutrition education. Classroom nutrition programs are taught by a nutrition educator to encourage healthy eating.  School Food Services provides leadership roles for advisory and youth groups, speakers for clubs and organizations and career training in relationships with the Applied Technology Center and Winthrop University. The Office of School Food Services serves as a support unit through social functions for other district departments and individual schools.

    School Food Services employs highly trained Food Service experts who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of nutrition and food service management. They provide leadership for all Food Service employees in the safe preparation and delivery of meals that are attractive to students meeting all guidelines set forth by the USDA.