Athletics Facilities Renewal and Replacement

  • Project List

    Based on 2019 District Athletic Advisory Council Self-Assessment for Equity in Athletics and District Report, "Assessment of High School Athletics Facilities Equity" of July 2015.

    • Construct Artificial Turf Practice Fields at Rock Hill High School & Northwestern High School including reduced size (0.75) fields with drainage, for equity with South Pointe High School
    • Replace Bleachers at Rock Hill High School                      
    • Additional Athletics Locker Rooms at High Schools for sports currently using PE lockers; Spaces would be shared by sports with different seasons and would be gender-equal.
    • Renovate or Replace Field Support Buildings at Rock Hill High School and Northwestern High School.  Renovation and alterations of pre-engineered “Jewell” buildings, or replacement and conversion of Jewell buildings to storage only.  Includes concessions and restrooms.
    • Construct Softball Field Support Buildings at Northwestern High School
    • Construct Baseball Field Support Building at Rock Hill High School                                                
    • Athletics Fields Repairs and Upgrades at Middle Schools                                   

Estimated Total

  • $6,100,000

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