Student Accidents - Supplemental Insurance Program

  • Student Accident Program - Finance Department located at the Central Office - 386 East Black Street  Rock Hill, SC  29730

    Terri Smith, CSBO - Chief Financial Officer

    Katrina Lanzer - Insurance and Benefits Manager


    Rock Hill School District Three provides a supplemental accidental insurance policy for all K-12 Students and Student Athletes while participating in school-sponsored and school-supervised activities.The District paid Student Accident Insurance policy provides coverage for a child traveling/walking directly to and from school.

    This is an excess policy. The parent/guardian must first file the claim with their insurance company. After the primary company has completed the claim, the parent or guardian must then file with the school policy. If the parent/guardian does not have primary insurance, then the excess policy becomes the primary policy. This excess policy is a schedule policy which means it does not pay 100% of all charges.

    Parents may want to purchase the optional 24-hour Accident Insurance to insure their child outside of school actvities.  This coverage can be viewed online at

    Additionally, each school provides a catastrophic insurance policy through the South Carolina High School League. If your total expense exceeds $25,000.00, contact your school athletic director about filing with the catastrophic insurance carrier.

    Insurance companies have guidelines that must be adhered to. The completion and filing of the insurance form must be submitted within 90 days from the date of the accident. The address will appear on the claim form.

    When an injury occurs, follow these steps:

    1. Secure an insurance form from the athletic department or school designee. The school portion of the claim should be completed and signed by the school designee upon receipt.
    2. Parent/guardian must complete and sign the Parent’s Statement and Medical Authorization. Instructions for filing a claim appear on the back of the claim form.
    3. The parent/guardian must forward the completed form directly to the insurance administrator. The address will appear on the claim form.
    4. Provide necessary information to the physician, hospital, etc. to file the claim as secondary coverage.

    Recommendation: Keep copies of all correspondence.

    Federal HIPAA regulations do not allow Rock Hill School District Three or any of its agents to act on behalf of the student athlete. Therefore, only the parent or student athlete can be responsible for the process of filing insurance and any questions that need to be answered concerning the student athlete’s well-being. A toll-free number for assistance with a claim appears on the back of the accident claim form.

    For specific benefits questions or concerns, you may e-mail or contact the Insurance and Benefits Manager.

    Laney Burris, RMPE
    Insurance and Benefits Manager
    (803) 981-1012