COVID-19 Information

  • We are dedicated to the health and safety of our students and community. As we continue to work with local health officials, the State Department of Education and the Governor’s Office, we will keep you updated.

    This page should provide you with information you are looking for as it pertains to schools and COVID-19. We will update this page as needed throughout this school year.

    To better understand common terminolgy used in district communication of COVID-19, please click here to review helpful definitions.

  • Return to School Plan

  • COVID Dashboard

Isolation (Positive Test) Information

Quarantine Information

Vaccine Information

  • Where can I take my student to get a COVID-19 vaccine?


General Questions

  • Are we accepting donated items this year?

  • Can we use water fountains?

  • Can students use lockers?

  • Are students in elementary schools allowed to eat in the cafeteria?

  • Are field trips cancelled?

  • Are volunteers allowed on campus?

  • Are schools allowed to host book fairs this school year?

  • Will performing arts be allowed to host events?

  • Can I switch my child to the Virtual Academy?

  • Are visitors required to wear a mask?

  • What mitigating measures are schools putting in place this year?