FAQ - Non-Certified Hiring Process



    1) What is a non-certified job?

    A non-certified job is a district position that does not require certification and generally includes secretaries, maintenance crew, food services, custodial positions, instructional assistants and many others. 


    2) What are the requirements for a non-certified position?

    The requirements of each position are posted on our website at www.rock-hill.k12.sc.us.  Go to Job Postings, then click on the position you are interested in for a list of requirements.


    3) How do I apply for a non-certified position?

    Complete and sign the Non-Certified Application and forward it to the Personnel Department via facsimile, e-mail, U.S. Mail or in-person.  Send three blank Non-certified Reference Forms to previous supervisors/managers for their recommendation and have those forwarded to the Personnel Department upon completion. Once your application is complete, call the Personnel Department to express interest in any open positions.


    4) How do I know which positions are open?

    Job openings are posted on our website under www.rock-hill.k12.sc.us.


    5) How much does a non-certified position pay?

    The pay depends on education level, experience, and other factors.  You may see pay ranges on the Support Salary Scale posted under Personnel on our website at www.rock-hill.k12.sc.us.


    6) If I apply for a non-certified position, will I get an interview?

    The hiring administrator is required to interview at least three candidates, if available, for each open position.  Many times s/he may interview many more.  The district strives to interview the most qualified and best matched applicants for the particular open position. 


    7) If I am not called for an interview, how many times may I express interest in open positions?      

    You may express interest as many times as you like.  If there is no activity on your application, we reserve the right to purge your application after one year.


    8) Do I need to send in a new application for each different type of position?

    You may express interest for any non-certified position with just one active non-certified application.


    9) Can I contact the schools and/or principals regarding openings in their schools?

    All employment activity should funnel through the Personnel Department.  We request you do not contact the school staff.  The hiring administrators will have electronic access to see your application and/or resume and references, normally within one working day.


    10) If I am offered a position and accept, what do I do next?

    Upon acceptance, the hiring manager will send an Employee Recommendation Form to the Personnel Department.  We will contact you when your paperwork is ready to be signed.  You should bring two forms of identification, such as a driver’s license and social security card.


    11) Whom do I call for more information?

    You may contact the Personnel Department at 981-1024.