FAQ - Birth of a Child / FMLA



    1) What paperwork is required?

    A completed Medical Leave Request form available in the Personnel Department at the District Office is required to document the need for a medical absence.


    2) How much time do I get?

    Federal law (FMLA) requires employers to give eligible employees 12 unpaid workweeks, or 60 contracted days (see FMLA Fact Sheet for eligibility requirements).   However, if you are not eligible for FMLA, the district allows 6 consecutive weeks (8 for C-section) for the birth of a child.


    3) How much of my leave is paid?

    For the birth of a child, you are allowed to use up to 30 days of accrued leave, but only for those days that you are contracted to work between the date of your child's birth and six weeks later.  A physician will document standard recovery time (sick or unable to work), as 6 weeks (8 for C-Section).  Some employees carry an optional short-term disability plan.  If you have that plan, see the Insurance Manager in Finance for details.


    4) When does my maternity leave start?

    The day the baby is born.


    5) What if I cannot work until the due date?

    You can request medical leave based upon your own serious health condition with the same form (see #1).  This would be two separate leaves, one medical and one for the birth of a child.  However, if eligible for FMLA, you are still only allowed a combined total of twelve weeks.  (i.e. if ill, you may decide to take 2 weeks prior to the birth, and the remaining 10 weeks after the birth).


    6) If I am not able to work up until the day of birth, am I able to use my accumulated sick days?

    The district allows you to use any sick time you have available for your own illness, as needed.  If out more than 5 days, you must have documentation from your physician for any additional time.  If out over 10 days, you must complete the Medical Leave Request form.


    7) What if I do not have any/enough sick days?

    You will be docked for any days out for which you do not have sick days available and/or are beyond standard leave time of 6 weeks (8 for C-Section) for the birth of a child.


    8) What if my spouse works within the district and also wants to take leave? 

    If your spouse also meets FMLA eligibility requirements, you are both allowed a combined total of twelve (12) weeks and your spouse may use up to 30 accrued sick days.  This leave time must be taken within twelve weeks of the day of the birth.  Your spouse should also complete a Medical Leave Request form and speak with someone in Personnel.


    9) Am I responsible for getting my own substitute?

    No.  A long-term leave is not handled through Kelly Services normally.  Your principal will select an appropriate substitute.  However, it is your responsibility to keep him/her updated regarding leave dates.


    10) How will this affect my teaching certificate, i.e. Years of Experience?

    The State Department requires you be paid a minimum of 152 days to receive full credit for an academic school year.


    11) Whom do I call for more information?

    You may contact the Personnel Department at ext. 1091.