Congratulations to our school level

    Teacher of the Year winners!



    Teachers-of-the-Year are selected from each school, the Rock Hill Flexible Learning Center (Phoenix, Rebound and Renaissance, Adult Education), Central Office (includes technology support), Transportation, Facility Services, Parent Smart/T3.




    Of the Year employees receive recognition from their peers and supervisors for their outstanding contributions to Rock Hill Schools through a series of school and district nomination processes.  Employees who have less than two years of experience in the area of nomination are not eligible for this distinction nominated nor are those who plan to retire during the year in which they would represent their school. All Of the Year designees must be district employees and not employed (paid and supervised) through a district vendor. Examples of employees who are eligible for this award are custodians, administrative assistants, teacher assistants, and other individuals who do not require certification for their roles.


    Meet Our Winners


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