• Summer School Safety

    The priority in Rock Hill Schools is keeping all students and staff safe. To that end, the district is finalizing guidelines for use in summer school programs in July and early August.  These guidelines are based on current information and guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, and South Carolina Department of Education.   

     While following these guidelines does not guarantee that transmission of the virus will not occur, the district’s summer school programs will adhere to the following practices as part of our overall guidelines. 

    • Classroom size is being limited to no more than 12 students per classroom with seating 6 feet apart.
    • Students and staff will participate in health screenings as they enter the building daily.
    • District employees will be wearing masks daily.
    • Students may wear masks if they would like or if a family prefers the student to wear one (not mandatory).  Students may be asked to wear a mask if six-foot social distancing will be hard to maintain (such as walking in the hallways, etc.) or if a student is waiting to be picked up by a parent for symptoms of COVID19 as determined by the nurse.  Masks will be provided.
    • Students will be socially distanced at least 6 feet from one another to the extent possible.
    • Student movement throughout the building will be limited.
    • Students will be encouraged to wash hands often.   
    • Students will not share materials or classroom supplies.
    • The number of total students is being limited at each school site.
    • Daily disinfecting of classrooms will occur after students have left and high touch surfaces throughout the day.
    • Visitors will not be allowed in the buildings.

    Please know Rock Hill Schools will continue to ensure that the physical, emotional, and mental safety of all students and staff remains a priority.  We are continually working to ensure we have exhausted all possible safety precautions that may need to be taken.