In order to clarify some issues with online registration that have come to our attention, we have prepared some information that we hope will be helpful.


    Student Information Page

    Enter the information for the student. For returning students please ignore the following fields: Grade student will be entering, Grade, School this student will attend, and Building attending.

    These are pre-filled and require no changing.

    Student information



    Legal Guardian Pages

    The first legal guardian page cannot be changed for returning students and is based on information provided to the school.  If the information is wrong and will not allow you to change, please contact the school. Click Save and Next to continue to the second page.

    On the Legal Guardian 2 page, select Yes and then click Save and Next.  Do not enter any information.

    Note: Select Yes even if the guardian does not live with the student.  Save and Next will be grayed out unless you select Yes.

    Legal guardian info 2  


    On the AM Transportation and PM Transportation fields, please select “Not Applicable” for both fields if your student drives to school. Otherwise, please select the transportation method.


     Transportation fields


    Document Upload Feature

    Some fields will allow you to upload the associated document, such as proof of residency, birth certificate, and parent/guardian ID.  For these fields, you may upload a document of filetype: jpg, png, pdf, gif, xls, xlsx, doc, or docx.  If the document is not in a compatible format, you will receive an error.  Note that some cell phone cameras will take photos that are not compatible with the upload system.  Please make sure the uploaded documents are clear and fully readable, or you may be required to take them to the school.  For returning students the only required document field with upload ability is proof of residency.  For new students, there will be several required.

    Upload document screen