State Report Cards

  • Each year the South Carolina Department of Education prepares a "State Report Card" for each public school district and public school in the state. The report cards provide a progress report on how schools and districts are performing on the World Class Knowledge, Skills and Characteristics outlined in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The knowledge and skills are reported through test score measures that indicate readiness for college using the ACT and readiness for careers using WorkKeys. The ACT Aspire tests in grades 3-8 are also designed to show student readiness for the college entrance tests they will ultimately take in high school. 

    The report cards also highlight a multitude of opportunities provided to students at each grade level. Among these opportunities are Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual Credit participation. The Career Center report cards are also reporting the number of students who have completed a Career and Technical course completion series called a “CATE Completer” and the number of students who have earned an industry certification. These metrics provide our business community information about the opportunities high school students are taking to prepare themselves for college and careers.

    Each school-level report includes a narrative co-authored by the principal and the School Improvement Council chairman that gives an overview of the school. A new state accountability system is being developed. Based on state law, schools and districts will not be rated for state accountability purposes until Fall 2018. Due to this "pause," the State Report card(s) will only show past year's ratings from 2012-2014. Finally, the district and school report card narratives are focused on how our schools are working to build the life and career characteristics of integrity, self-direction, global perspectives, perseverance, work ethic, and interpersonal skills. 

    To access information for the most recent year, please choose the school from the list below. Note: clicking the school name will open a new window and provide access to an interactive dashboard at the SC Department of Education. Data is available reflective of the 2016 State Report Card.



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