SDE Complaint Resolution Procedures

  • South Carolina Department of Education Complaint Resolution Procedures

    The State Department of Education (SDE) has the authority to hear complaints and appeals regarding certain federal programs and requires school districts to distribute the following information concerning the South Carolina Department of Education's complaint resolution procedures:

    • Organization of individuals may file a complaint that applies to Title I within thirty days of receiving the decision by the school district or group of districts.
    • Complaints and appeals must be made in writing and they must contain a statement indicating the violation, the facts on which the statement is based, and the specific requirement of law or regulation allegedly violated.  Complaints and appeals must be filed with the State Superintendent of Education at the S.C. Department of Education, 1429 Senate Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29201.
    • The SDE will comfirm receipt of the complaint within ten business days and will conduct an investigation to determine the merits of the complaint.  The Deputy Superintendent will issue a final decision regarding the complaint within 60 days, except under exceptional circumstances that warrant an extension.
    • The final decision of the SDE may be appealed to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education. 


    Rock Hill Schools provides opportunities for parents to submit comments on the Title I project and/or from parent meetings (The Title I project is available in the front office and parents are reminded through newsletters, meetings, etc. that their input is important). Minutes are recorded at each Title I/SIC/PTO parent meetings to document parent suggestions.

    Parents may access the Title I project anytime. The Title I project is available at individual Title I schools as well as at the District Office Instruction Department.

    Any parent comment/suggestions will be responded to in a timely manner, to include but not limited to: face-to-face conferences, telephone conversation-mail or written correspondences.

    Comments from parents that indicate the parents are dissatisfied with components of the project application will be addressed at the district level and forwarded to the State Department of Education following the guidelines outlined in the SDE Complaint Resolution document (see attached). Parent suggestions from parent meetings will also be addressed at the district level if necessary and will be forwarded to the SDE if needed.

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