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    frontline, formerly MyLearningPlan, is the leading PDMES (Professional Development Management and Evaluation System) offers Fast and Easy planning, tracking, and evaluation of all forms of professional development in one comprehensive online system.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I login to the system the first time?  Register for a workshop or course?  What steps should I follow to  request credit for a conference, workshop, or course attended outside of the district?  Use the video tutorials and pdf manuals provided below to address these frequently asked questions.

    FAQ for Teachers and Certified Staff

    1.  How do I find out my username and password?  Contact Dr. Joya Holmes at or call (803) 981-1990.

    2.  How do I login for the first time?  Watch the video.

    3.  How do I recover a forgotten password?  Watch the video.

    4.  How do I browse the activity catalog and register for an activity?  Watch the video.

    5.  How do I submit credit requests for activities not sponsored by the disrict, such as conferences, graduate courses, etc.)?  Watch the video.

    6.  How do I view/print a list of activities I've completed?  Watch the video.

    7.  Were activities stored in PD Planner imported into frontline?  Yes.  All completed/approved PD activities in PD Planner have been imported into frontline.

    8.  How do I prepare and submit the Recertification Computation Sheet for the renewal of my teaching certificate?  Watch the video  .

    FAQ For Instructors, Administrators, and Mentors

    1.  How do I approve renewal credit requests for activities my staff attended outside of the district (conferences, graduate courses, etc.)?  Watch the video.

    2.  How do I post activities to the district catalog?  Read the manual or watch the video

    Does your activity already exist in the catalog?  If so, watch the video to learn how to copy the original, make modifications, and post a repeat session.

    3.  How do I print sign-in sheets or e-mail participants in advance of an activity?  Watch the video.

    4.  How do I take attendance for these activities? Read the manual or watch the video.

    5.  How do I award credit?  Read the manual or watch the video.

    6.  How do I view activities my staff has attended/completed?  Watch the video.

    Tried the answers above and still can't login or resolve an issue?  Contact Dr. Joya Holmes at 981-1990 or via e-mail at