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Weather Watch & eLearning

With the threat of snow or wintery mix in the near future, we want to remind parents that it may be necessary to close the school system due to weather or other related emergency situations.  If this occurs, Rock Hill Schools will make every effort to ensure that our students’ educational opportunities continue while at home. The school district will communicate school cancellations and the announcement of an eLearning day through phone calls, district/school websites, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and local media.

eLearning is available to all students in Rock Hill Schools. On an eLearning day, instruction will be asynchronous (not live) and students will complete work independently. Rock Hill Virtual Academy will also utilize the district eLearning day through asynchronous learning and will not hold live instruction.

Important notes about eLearning:

  • Students in Grade K through Grade 12 will have access to digital materials through the learning management platform (Canvas, Seesaw, etc.) and may reach these sites through Launchpad. Students should complete assignments on the day that school is closed. Students in Pre-K have eLearning packets that are kept in their backpacks in the event an unexpected eLearning day is determined to be necessary.
  • Students in Grade K through Grade 12 have been provided a laptop device. Students are encouraged to keep these devices charged as much as possible in the event power fails. Additionally, Canvas and Seesaw may be accessed through a smartphone device. Technical support is available through Rock Hill Schools Technology Services (see below). 
  • Families who do not have the internet may request a hotspot in order to access online resources. Please contact the Technology Services Department at 803-324-TECH (8324). Note: The physical technology office may not be open on an eLearning day due to hazardous travel conditions.
  • Assignments will be posted in Canvas or Seesaw by 9:00 a.m. each day. When possible, students will download their assignments to their laptops ahead of time at school. Students should receive instruction, assignments, and/or activities in each course/class for which they are currently 
  • Teachers will maintain “Office Hours” for two consecutive designated hours in order to be available for students. These hours will be shared by the teacher or school. 
  • All students will initially be counted present on the eLearning day; however, if the assigned work is not completed and submitted within the 5-day grace period, the student must be coded as absent on the day that school was canceled. Since their assignments are just like any others, failure to do their work will be graded in accordance with the teacher’s grading. 
  • As students complete their work, they should upload their If an internet connection is not available or the electricity goes out, do not worry. Again, students will have up to five school days after the last school cancellation to turn in assigned work.

Further information will be relayed from your child’s teacher and/or school.