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District to provide FREE BOOKS to boost summer reading

In an effort to help our learners in Rock Hill Schools continue their journey as confident readers this summer, we are so pleased to announce that the school district is, once again, providing free books to students this summer. It is our belief this will help to sustain the goal of keeping our students reading over summer break and not allow readers to experience summer reading loss.

The “My Books Summer: You Pick!” program will be offered to all current students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten to Five, both virtual and face-to-face, to enjoy during vacation.
For middle school, students in face-to-face Grades Six to Eight classes will partner with The Booksource, Inc. to participate in a school-wide book fair and pick five of their favorite books to read during the summer.  Our virtual middle school students will choose their five books online through Scholastic and have their books delivered at the end of the school year.

This year, students will be able to make their very own selections of the books they are interested in reading.  With the help from their teachers, all elementary and virtual middle school students have had the opportunity to view and select their own five books through Scholastic online, and middle school face-to-face will pick their five books out through a Booksource on-site book fair.

Research studies show that reading outside of the classroom is critical for maintaining and expanding students’ literacy skills, especially over the summer break.  Reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a day should be a goal for each student during the summer. In addition, goals of our summer reading include:

Encouraging students to become life-long readers
Teaching students how to think critically about what they are reading
Exposing students to different types of authors and characters
Helping students develop reading and writing skills through different books
We hope that the self-selected books the district is providing will offer our elementary and middle school students and families the opportunity to spend quality time while also strengthening reading comprehension skills. Please be sure to stay tuned to our website - - and social media outlets for helpful tips that you can do at home to help your child improve their literacy skills while using “My Books Summer: You Pick!” as well as the bookfair through Booksource, Inc. 

We hope you and your child enjoy reading these books together this summer.