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Students in the Recycling Club at Mount Gallant Elementary School Make a Difference

The Recycling Club at Mount Gallant Elementary School comprises of the most enthusiastic young recyclers! The students in the club look forward to Fridays, not because it’s the start of the weekend, but it’s the day they get to go around to all the classrooms to collect the recyclable items for the school. “These kids are awesome,” said Bonnie Tucker, Club Lead. “They are always on time; they are always ready… They know what to do. I don’t have to do anything but walk behind them. I couldn’t have picked a better team.”

Every Friday the Recycling Club picks up all classroom’s recyclables; but they also help pick up outside the classroom. “When we go outside, it’s fun because we get to run around and find trash,” said first grader Nicolas. Joshua, second grader, wants to help clean the trash “so the school won’t be messy and then people will want to come here because it’s so clean.”

The students of the Recycling Club are learning the important effect recycling has on the environment. “We don’t want to harm the animals. If the animals eat trash, they can die and then there wouldn’t be any more animals,” said Nicholas. The club also spends time learning what can and can’t be recycled.

The Recycling Club has a fifth-grade leader, Charlie, who has been in the club for four years. She helps the younger students and sets an example as a leader. “It’s really fun and encouraging to others,” Charlie said, “I like watching the younger kids getting into something they want to do. It’s fun watching them want to help.”

Recycling doesn’t stop at school, the kids in the club say they recycle at home too. “I help my dad carry all the trash to the recycle bin,” said second grader Aaron.

Ms. Bonnie Tucker is proud of her students in the club, “I call them my Dream Team!”


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